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Published Articles

Delicious Detroit

People are suprised when someone mentions Detroit as a top dining city. They shouldn't be. Motor City is filled with over-the-top dining. Here's a few. Published in Weekender Extended Sept 2018.



Etowah Indian Mounds: An Ancient Treasure

There's a time machne in Georgia. Etowah Indian Mounds near Cartersville in Bartow County take you back to before Hernando De Soto and his band of gold hunting explorers tramped across Northwest Georgia.... Published in Fall 2018 issue of Georgia Connector


Living High in the Outer Banks

Where to stay and what to do in the Outer Banks. Published in Weekender Extended

First Choice Outer Banks

There is something to be said for being “The First.” My recent visit to the Outer Banks involved a lot of firsts. As I drove along Outer Banks Scenic Byway […]

Three Stops on the Trail of Tears

Chieftains Museum, New Echota, and Vann House help tell the story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears in Georgia. Published by World Footprints

The Rise and Fall of Goldsboro

Goldsboro, Florida, the second black incorporated city in the United States, which thrived and was involuntarily incorporated into Sanford. Published in World Footprints.

A little Bit of West Virginia Heaven: Capon Springs

Capon Springs’ story began in 1765 when a man named Henry Frye stumbled upon the spring. Of course Native Americans knew of the spring’s healing power

Monticello: Thomas Jefferson’s Legacy

Thomas Jefferson may have been our emerging nation’s most controversial figure.

Patsy Cline: Home is Where the Heart is

One of the most iconic names in country music history is Patsy Cline. She was the first female artist inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Saint Augustine’s Wild Side

Saint Augustine has so much to see and do in the historic and food areas. We sometimes forget the magnificent amounts of nature available there.

Birmingham’s Quirky Places

A visit to Birmingham’s quirky attractions. published in Weekender Extended

Honeysuckle Teahouse: From Farm to Cup

Honeysuckle Tea House near Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a unique place in today’s world.

But Wait, There’s More

We tend to think of restaurants as separate entities but sometimes restaurants are part of something bigger. Here are a few that will offer you more than a meal.

Drop in on Ma Rainey

The singers of today who gain attention for their outrageous behaviors have nothing on Ma Rainey. Her career spanned the last few years of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Linde Marie’s Steakhouse on the Square

When she opened Linde Marie’s Steakhouse on the square in Cave Spring, Georgia in 2013, Linde Marie Wentz is quick to admit “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Wondermade: Sticky Fun

Can you imagine a simple Christmas present turning into a worldwide business? Neither did Nathan Clark when he gifted his wife with a candy thermometer.

Winchester’s Wars

Winchester, Virginia was immersed in three of American’s wars, French and Indian War, American Revolution and Civil War.

Georgia’s Gardens of the Goda

In Georgia, art and religion often intersect. Published in Weekender Extended

Florence Hotel: A Blend of Old and New

We expect a hotel to have all the modern amenities and conveniences. It’s a plus when they have a unique personality and interesting history. Hotel Florence fills the bill all […]

Joplin’s Mineral and History Museum

How often do you find a cat in a historical museum? Add to that how often does said cat “write” for a local paper? Well, meet Percy

Hampshire County, WV

West Virginia was born out of the War Between the States. Few other states were as divided in their sentiments. Hampshire County more than most of the other counties

Small Town Atmosphere, Big City Fun

Campers and RVers, do you hate dealing with big city traffic and congestion but love to visit culinary destinations, art heavy communities or historical places? If so you will love […]

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden

Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden in Sanford, is Central Florida’s shining jewel when it comes to learning about our fellow mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Hinnant Family Vineyards

Just like good wines, Hinnant Family Vineyards and Winery is well aged. Daphne Evans, Hinnant’s Wine Club Director, offered us a tasting while she told us the history of the […]

The Best of the Best: Award Winning Southern Restaurants

I’ve been busy traveling on many press trips and conferences in the South lately. In my travels, I have visited a lot of award winning restaurants. Some are upscale but […]

A Letter’s Legacy: Birmingham Civil Rights Trail

Letter from the Birmingham Jail is one of the most notable documents from the Civil Rights movement. On a recent press trip to Birmingham I got to visit and appreciate […]

The Old Mill Room: Flavored with History

The Old Mill Room in Charlottesville, Virginia is the perfect dining spot after a visit to Monticello. It transports you to an earlier time. In fact it has links back […]

Germany without the Airfare

Want to experience Germany but can’t afford the airfare? There’s a solution. Visit Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café in Sanford, Florida.

Bourbon: It’s not just from Kentucky

Kentucky makes fine bourbon. I’ve visited the Bardstown Kentucky Bourbon Trail and loved it. But distilleries in other states have discovered the appeal of bourbon.

Norris Dam and The Secret City

A visit to Tennessee’s TVA lake and its surrounding attractions including Oakridge, The Secret City, and Museum of Appalachia

Capon Springs, West Virginia, Almost Heaven

Hampshire County, West Virginia has a unique resort known as Capon Springs. Published in Weekender Extended.

St. Augustine’s Newest Museum: Medieval Torture Museum

St. Augustine’s newest museum, the Medieval Torture Museum is so historically accurate and realistic but still fun. Published by Florida Traveler

Revival 1869

Revival means taking something old and bring it back to life. Revival 1869 is doing just that.

Ginger 108 Where East Meets West

Ginger 108 is something special. It’s Kinston’s first Japanese Lounge. It’s a sushi bar with a Southern flavor. It’s where East meets West in Kinston.

Simple Twist

It’s known as Simple Twist for a reason. The owners are North Carolina locals Nathan and Colleen Roby. Their dream fulfillment was a simple twist of fate.

Oak Ridge America’s Secret City

Few places in the world can compete with America’s Secret City, Oak Ridge, Tennessee as a history maker. Not only was history literally made here, it was achieved with a […]

Elvis Slept Here

In the days when a Model T was the latest craze and everyone wanted one of those new fangled horseless carriages, it was only natural for new roads to spring […]

Get Your Fix on Route 66

Route 66 Museum has a modest home in the county library in Lebanon, Missouri but it tells a big story. It took me back to the earliest days of Route […]

Ava Gardener Museum

Ava Gardner was a star of the first magnitude. A visit to her museum in Smithfield, North Carolina tells a more complete story.

Gip’s Place

Gip knows how to throw a party. The party is on every Saturday night at Henry “Gip” Gipson’s house. It’s one of the last of Birmingham’s secret treasures.

Museum of Appalachia

Want to see all of Appalachia but don’t have the time to travel that far? Instead visit Museum of Appalachia in Norris, Tennessee.

Half Moon Bay-California’s Hidden Treasure

You’ve got to get off the interstate to get to Half Moon Bay but it’s well worth the drive. There is something there for everyone.

Playing in the Dirt at Lomax Incubator Farm

Would be farmers in Cabarrus County, North Carolina have an opportunity to get their hands dirty at Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm. This is a unique opportunity for local Farmers-In-Training […]

Pizza and Beer

They say pizza and beer go together so here are some of each.

Jefferson School

Imagine yourself an African American in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1865. You have never been taught to read or write. Suddenly you are a free person. What do you need most […]

From Cowtown to Culture

San Angelo conjures up visions of a place filled with lore and legend. Let’s take a trip into the past to see San Angelo’s early days and the things that […]

The Last Mile House Standing

Published by Station KCET about 7 Mike House in San Mateo

Head South for Delicious BBQ

Southerners love their barbecue. Here are some of my favorites.

Landmark Park: A Taste of Rural Life in Alabama’s Wiregrass Area

Landmark Park is a step back to Dothan’s early farm heritage in the 1890s. It pays tribute to the Wiregrass Area agricultural heritage.

They Walked Into History

A visit to The Green McAdoo Cultural Center in Clinton, Tennessee is a lesson in a painful part of American history. One we should all visit.

Oh God For One More Breath

Little known story of mine wars in Anderson County, TN . This one won finalist in NATJA Historic Category awards for 2017

Southern Comfort Food -Table and Main

Did you know Roswell, Georgia is one of the newest up and coming foodie destinations? With over 200 independent restaurants it might be hard to choose where to dine. But, […]

Just Throw Me That There Roll: Lambert’s Cafe

Lambert’s Café in Sikeston Missouri is known for throwing your food at you. Yes, at least the rolls. The rest of the side dishes, they bring to your table and […]

A Piece of Americana Frozen in Time: Red Oak II

The U.S. is full of deserted ghost towns, but sometimes ghost towns can be reincarnated. Such is the case in Red Oak II near Carthage, Missouri just off Route 66.

Awesome Alpharetta

Take a Girlfriend Getaway to Alpharetta, Georgia for fun, food, and shopping.

Columbus Georgia – Where History is so Close You Can Touch It

Step back in time to 1828 and move through the years in Columbus. There’s Springer Opera, House, Civil War Naval Museum, National Infantry Museum and more.

Columbus Georgia where history is so close you can touch It

Radio show on Big Blend Radio Show about Columbus, GA. Hear about the city’s storied past.

The Old Mill Lives On

The Mill Winery is an unusual combination of old and new. The Texas Mill and Elevator Company was built to meet the needs of the young town of Abilene in […]

Small Hotel- Big Welcome- Dinah’s Garden Hotel

Dinah’s Garden Hotel bills itself, “A lush oasis in the heart of Silicon Valley.” It certainly lives up to that promise.

Todd Syrup Farm: Raising Cane Since 1835

Can you imagine one family raising cane since 1835? Well, that’s just what Joe Todd’s family had been doing.

Petra up Close

This is how Lawrence of Arabia summed up Petra in a letter to a friend. He’s right; it must be seen to be fully appreciated.

It’s More Than a Building: Cherry St. AME Church

The story behind the Cherry Street African Methodist Episcopal Church in Dothan, Alabama plays out like a classic drama of good versus evil;

Jordan’s Food Mirrors its History

Take a gastronomical trip through Jordan’s history

One Idea Two Ways

Two food incubators in different states. So alike yet so different. Both are fun to visit and do a lot for up-and-coming food entrepreneurs.

Bourbon: It’s not just from Kentucky

Kentucky makes fine bourbon. I’ve visited the Bardstown Kentucky Bourbon Trail and loved it. But distilleries in other states have discovered the appeal of bourbon.

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto: Dining in a Fish Bow

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto is one of those rare places that is more than the sum of its parts.

A Trip on The Strip

Pittsburgh was named #1 Food City in the US in 2015 by Zagot. One section of the ‘Burgh stands out as the heart of its foodie movement, The Strip.

Nash Farm: Grapevine’s Window into Yesterday

My favorite Grapevine historic/agri adventure is Nash Farm, the oldest operating farmstead in Tarrant County.

Everything is Bigger at Gaylord Texan

The Gaylord Texan Resort is six miles from DFW Airport and light years away from average.

Frontier Texas–It’s for Real

Some museums pack a punch. You walk away feeling “been there, done that” in real time. Frontier Texas is one of those.

Filoli: Not your Average Country Home

Filoli Mansion is a bit off the beaten path and way out of the ordinary. It’s near Woodside about 25 miles south of San Francisco. Many visitors might miss it. […]

San Angelo’s Eye Candy

Have you ever wondered where one of the world’s most prestigious collections of waterliles in the US can be found?

Grown Up Fun in San Mateo County

Sophisticated adults traveling in San Mateo County, California will have a lot of opportunities to taste test some of California’s finest wines and craft beers right at the source.

Slow Trip in Time on the Tule Princess

Steamboats were at their heights as the world entered the industrial age. You can catch a glimpse of that time on the Tule Princess

Don’t Let Them Get Your Goat: Visit Harley Farms

Come along on a visit to Harley Farms in San Mateo County, meet the goats, they llama protectors and sample the herb infused cheeses made on site.

A Day in Grapevine

If you can have this much fun in Grapevine, Texas, just think how much you’ll enjoy a longer visit. Published in Weekender Extended

Amarillo Anytime

There is so much to do in Amarillo, Texas that anytime is a good time to visit. Published in FWTMagazine

Perini Steakhouse Restaurant and More

Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, Texas is well recognized even outside its native Texas, for its many awards but there is more .

Jerash-Jordan’s Other Treasure

There is more to see in Jordan than Petra. Jerash is a archaeological treasure.

The Real Wild West at Buffalo Gap Village

Buffalo Gap, Texas founded at the site of a natural pass through which bison herds traveled is a glimpse of the Wild West as it really was.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar: Beyond Five-Star Luxury

Living in the lap of luxury on the shore of the Dead Sea. Food, wine, spa and a timeless sea in a mystic land.

Now You’re Cooking~ Petra Kitchen

What fun to prepare you own meal before dining. It’s even better in an exotic country you are visiting for the first time.

Wadi Rum: The Ultimate Desert

It’s known as the Valley of the Moon. The landscape of Wadi Rum is so exotic it might well be on some ancient orbiting rock.

Looking out for Mother Earth: Feynan Eco Lodge

Spend the night in a eco-lodge that is totally solar-powered and get close to nature. It’s a trip you’ll never forget.

Puttin’ on the Ritz

The original Ritz Theater was constructed in 1929 when Black entertainers followed what was called the “Chittlin’ Circuit”

Life in a Bedouin Tent

Get up close and personal with local Bedouins. Share their lifestyle. The experience of a lifetime.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar: Beyond Five-Star Luxury

Living in the lap of luxury on the shore of the Dead Sea. Food, wine, spa and a timeless sea in a mystic land.

Nefetari’s: A Royal Dining Experience

Can you imagine dining like Egyptian Royalty of ancient times? You can actually do it at Nefetari’s Restaurant in Tallahassee.

Touch of Old Florida: The Tallahassee Museum

With most museums, you expect to find all the exhibits tucked away neatly in a building. Tallahassee Musuem is so different. It’s like a time capsule of Tallahassee’s cultural and […]

Mesa Verde Country: On the Trail of the Ancients: Part One

Some of American’s most intriguing mysteries surround the Anasazi culture of Mesa Verde. Modern Anthropology is uncovering many secrets

A House With a Soul

Some houses are so unique they seem to have a soul. You feel it when you first look at them. You feel it even more when you step inside.


Published in FWT Magazine. Jacksonville is often described as the hard working brother in a family of playboys. It is shedding that image fast with all the attractions found there.

The Other James Boy

Say “outlaw” and “James” in the same sentence and everyone responds “Jesse James.” Remember there was another brother. Published in Legends of America.

Petra: An Ancient Wonder

How well Lawrence of Arabia summed up Petra. It must be seen to be fully appreciated. Published in Weekender Extended

Spirit of Louisiana

Local rum made by local guys in the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun Country. What more can you ask. Published in FWT Magazine

Barrymore Hotel: A local Flavorite

Are you one of those people who book at chain hotels? If so you could be missing out on a lot of local flavor. Barrymore Hotel in Tampa is a […]

Classie Tallahassee

As befits the capital of a southern city, Tallahassee is pretty classy. There’s nothing plastic or theme park-ish about Tallahassee. (in Weekender Extended)

A Little Piece of Heaven: Oliver Winery

Bloomington’s Oliver Winery is one of the prettiest wineries I have ever visited. I was there opening night of Travel Media Showcases and they made us feel so welcome.

Life in a Bedouin Tent

Get up close and personal with local Bedouins. Share their lifestyle. The experience of a lifetime.

Niagara’s Other Side: Canada’s Niagara

Published in Lagniappe take a look at what’s on the other side of Niagara Falls. Canada knows how to surround Niagara Falls with glamour and glitz also.

A Little Piece of Heaven: Oliver Winery

Bloomington’s Oliver Winery is one of the prettiest wineries I have ever visited. I was there opening night of Travel Media Showcases and they made us feel so welcome.

Delicious Diners

These diners range from Florida to Indiana but they all have one thing in common: some of the tastiest and most fun diners I have visited lately.

Birth of the Civil Rights Movement

St. Augustine where it all began. In the 1700s, enslaved people were escaping not to the north, but south to Spanish Florida and the African American colony of Fort Mose.

Broussard’s: A New Orleans Tradition

Since 1920, Broussard’s has been considered one of the Grand Dames of New Orleans restaurants.

LeBleu’s Landing

For Cajun food and to learn how to make that Louisiana’s traditional boudin, LeBleu’s is the place.

Stay and Play

Looking for a economical and fun hotel for your Louisiana vacation, casino’s are a good bet.

Time Tripping at the Mayborn Museum

Waco’s Mayborn Museum is fun for all ages.

Cajun or Zydeco?

Cajun or Zydeco? You can’t go wrong no matter which one you pick in Louisiana’s Cajun country

Party Like It\’s 1565

St Augustine, Florida is where it all started so why shouldn’t they throw the biggest party ever?

The Bear Facts

Learn all you want to know about bears.

Chatta NEW ga

Chattanooga’s location on the Tennessee River makes is a natural vacatio playground. Pg 32 of WeekenderExtended

Good Bones: Waco National Mammoth Site

A long look at the ancient past in Waco, Texas. One of the newest national sites named by President Obama

Busy as a Bee: A visit to Hunter’s Honey Farm

Hunter’s Honey Farm in Mooresville, Indiana a sweet treasure for honey lovers

A Capitol Idea: Louisiana’s Capitol Park Museum

Capitol Park Museum is the place to visit first if you are a newbie visiting Louisiana for the first time. It’s relatively new museum, opened in 2006 shortly after Katrina […]

Only in Louisiana

Some things are found only in louisiana

Ghostly Gourmets: Haunted Southern Restaurants

Some restaurants have lots of spirits. Literally. A few of the restaurants I visited have their very own ghostly gourmets wandering the kitchens and dining rooms.

Hitching a Ride on the Underground Railroad

There is no way to walk in the shoes of an African Slave in the Antebellum South or hitch a ride on the Underground Railroad today but a visit to […]

Fayetteville’s civil War Heritage

Fayetteville, North Carolina boasts about 35 markers and sited related to The War Between the States in the area. I would consider the ones below a “must see” for Civil […]

Antoine’s: A Living Legend

It’s hard for any restaurant to stand out at the head of the pack in a city filled with outstanding restaurants like New Orleans, Yet, if you ask the experts […]

Dine like Royalty at The Crown

The Crown in Indianola, Mississippi is a lot more than a restaurant. they also bill themselves as “an Art Gallery full of fabulous original Delta art, a Gift Shop filled […]

Roots of Natchitoches: Fort St. Jean Baptiste

Most people when asked about the oldest city in Louisiana would guess New Orleans. They would be wrong. Natchitoches is four years the senior.

The Village at Indian Point

When you visit Branson, you expect everything to be special. The Village at Indian Point doesn’t disappoint. It is beautiful, peaceful and has every amenity you want.

The Mystic of Ancient Books: A Visit to the Lilly Library

There is something captivating about books. Even modern ones. When you touch a book, you touch many different lives, the characters that inhabit the book as well as the author […]

Dining Bardstown, KT

Bardstown Kentucky is about more than whisky. It offers great dining.

Where’s The Help

Skeeter is still in Greenwood, Mississippi. No, not the character played by Emma Stone in The Help, one of the most popular movies of 2011. This Skeeter is a small […]

On the Road Again

For those of us who have done our share of RVing, only one thing is more fun than an nostalgic look at an antique or classic RV and that is […]

Music in Mayberry

If you’re a Mayberry kind of person who enjoys old-fashioned fun and music, you want to be in Danville, Indiana on the third Saturday of each month from June thru […]

Chattanooga Drifting

Traveling the Tennessee River in Chattanooga can be a relaxing vacation treat.

Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders

Georgia is filled with natural wonders. These are the seven best.

Discovery Park in Union City, Tennessee

From experiencing an earthquake to seeing dinosaur remains and learning about space travel, it’s all here at Discovery Park.

Puttin’ on the Ritz

The original Ritz Theater was constructed in 1929 when Black entertainers followed what was called the “Chittlin’ Circuit”