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Kathleen Walls, former reporter for Union Sentinel in Blairsville, GA, is publisher/writer for American Roads and Global Highways. She is the author of travel books, Georgia's Ghostly Getaways, Finding Florida's Phantoms, Hosts With Ghosts, and Wild About Florida series. Her articles appear in Family Motor Coaching Association Magazine, Food Wine Travel Magazine, Weekender Extended, Florida Traveler,Travel World  International, Salon, Deep South, World Footprints, 100 Days in Appalachia, Big Blend radio and magazine, www.southernusavisitor.com, Tours4Mobile and others.

She is a photographer with many of her original photographs appearing in her travel ezine as well as other publications. Her fiction includes Last Step, which was made into a feature movie of the same name by Forbes Productions, Kudzu, Under A Bloody Flag and Under A Black Flag.

You can email me at armagazine (at) hotmail.com

Member of International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers (IFWTA) and North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA).


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Here is what a few public relation people and editors have to say about me:

 "You're on a roll!  This story is fantastic!  So happy to see our lesser known attractions highlighted here." Vicky Ashburn, Birmingham CVB

 "I appreciate your work, it's terrific." - Michael Warren, Florida Traveler 

"Half of my family's from West Virginia, and in particular, a town that figured in the war - Point Pleasant. I had no clue about Fort Edwards, or of all the forts that once existed. Amazing! 
Also, I just read up about the Whitwell paper clip project. That is also amazing." -Peggy Jordan, editor at Family Motor Coaching in regard to a story I sent her about unusual war memorials.

 "Thank you so much for another great article about our destination!"- Brigitte Belanger-Warner, Charlottesville - Albemarle County CVB

I love the way this turned out, and you did a great job! -Erin Z. Bass Editor Deep South Magazine

Kathleen, it looks really great and love all the business links. - Aaron Tuell Public Relations Manager Outer Banks Visitors Bureau

Some Clips

This one won finalist in NATJA Historical Catagory 2017

This one won finalist in NATJA Historical Catagory 2016




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